Action 02: Design of an innovative, pilot-scale, energy-autonomous brine treatment system

Duration: 01/01/2011 – 30/06/2011 (6 months)   

Status: Completed

The design was carried out through three individual activities:

Activity 2(a): Determination of the brine treatment system components

In Activity 2(a), one report on the determination of the main structural components has been prepared. The report comprises Deliverable 2.1 and is structured upon two (2) areas namely: (1) Brine treatment system components, and (2) Energy part of the system. In the particular report the different main units of the brine treatment system are specified, namely: (a) evaporator, (b) crystallizer, (c) dryer, (d) compressor, examining and presenting their technical and operating characteristics aiming at performing some preliminary design considerations. In addition, the different possibilities for meeting the energy requirements resulting from the operation of the brine treatment system were examined, namely: (a) solar thermal collectors (including concentrating and non-concentrating solar collectors), and (b) photovoltaic system.

An extended Greek summary is also provided here.

Activity 2(b): Development of a process simulator

In Activity 2(b), a process simulator was developed in Visual Basic environment and can be run as an Excel application. The simulator has been developed as a software tool for the simulation, sizing and designing of the brine treatment system that was constructed in the Action 3. The simulator includes all necessary equations for building up the mathematical model for the described unit operations. It also involves the constants for all equations, most of which have been estimated by experiments in pilot plant equipment. The values of the design parameters and specifications can be put through scroll-bars and text-boxes. The system includes two variables which require initial values for the trial procedures. The convergence of the mathematical model is achieved automatically through the Solver Tool. This deliverable comprises Deliverable 2.2.

Activity 2(c): Design of the innovative energy-autonomous brine treatment system

One (1) technical report explaining the LCA screening and its results. This report comprises Deliverable 2.3 and is divided into three thematic areas:

  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment and Screening
  • Scenarios Presentation
  • Life Cycle Assessment Screening and impact assessment results

The life cycle screening of the brine treatment system includes the following stages: (a) Impact assessment, (b) Characterization and normalization, (c) Determination of the system’s boundaries, (d) Comparison and Interpretation of studied scenarios.

An extended Greek summary is also provided here.

One (1) technical report explaining the design procedure and the sizing of the brine treatment system comprises the Deliverable 2.4 and includes the following:

  • Technical report explaining the design procedure
  • Sensitivity analysis plots
  • Tables listing the calculated values of various process and design variables
  • Full layout of the innovative energy autonomous pilot brine treatment system and of its components (drawings)

The above report is structured upon three (3) areas, namely: (1) Design procedure, (2) Sizing of the system, and (3) Engineering Designs of the system. The sensitivity analysis which leads to the final sizing of the system, was based on the process simulator developed under the context of Activity 2(b).

An extended Greek summary is also provided here.