Action 03: Engineering, construction and installation of the innovative, pilot-scale, energy-autonomous, brine treatment system at the desalination plant of Tinos

Duration: 01/07/2011 – 31/10/2012 (16 months)

Status: Completed

Action 3 was carried out through two individual activities:

Activity 3(a): Manufacturing of certain prototype system components – parts

In Activity 3(a), a report was prepared describing the construction and installation process. This report comprises Deliverable 3.1 and is structured on five (5) chapters. In the first Chapter, introductory information about the concept of the project and a brief description of the technical characteristics (capacity, process involved etc.) of the prototype system are provided. Chapter 2 outlines: (i) the steps of the tendering process applied for the construction, installation and start-up operation of the prototype system, (ii) information regarding the offers received, the winner of the competition and (iii) a detailed cost breakdown of the system, including raw materials, construction and installation costs. In Chapter 3 the construction of the prototype system is described, providing photographic material. Additionally, an extensive list of suppliers/ manufacturers that were contacted during the design and construction stage is given. Since after the construction of the different system components, the whole prototype was assembled together. Information regarding the installation of the system as well as a brief description of the site where the system was installed is given in Chapter 4. It is noted that in this Chapter rich photographic material is provided in order to make the reader more familiar with the actual system installed at Agios Fokas desalination plant.

Activity 3(b): Assembling and installation of the pilot scale prototype brine treatment system at the seawater desalination plant of Tinos

The installation of the pilot brine treatment system is described in Deliverable 3.1.

A video from the installation process is following: