Municipality of Tinos is a first-level administrative division responsible for the administration of its local jurisdiction in Tinos island (Greece) as it pertains to the social, financial, cultural and spiritual interests of its citizens. The municipality is governed by the municipal council and town hall committee led by the Mayor who is appointed via popular vote held every four years. Main activities and responsibilities of the Municipality of Tinos include: security and police, water supply, water and wastewater treatment, fire fighting, civil protection, nurseries and kindergartens, repair and maintenance of schools, education, hospitals and health departments, entrainment provisions and leisure facilities, commerce and tourism etc.

Municipality of Tinos owns two seawater desalination plants funded by the Municipality and the Ministry of Interior of Greece. Each desalination unit has a total production capacity of 500m3 of potable water per day. A new seawater desalination plant of 1.000m3/day has been recently constructed and is about to start its operation in few days. Municipality’s expert and highly experienced personnel is the overall responsible for the smooth and safe operation of the desalination plants. Since the first plan was set in operation in 2001, Municipality of Tinos has over eight-year experience in the operation of desalination plants.


The working group of the NTUA belongs to the School of the Chemical Engineering which is divided into four individual Sectors: i. Chemical Sciences, ii. Process and Systems Analysis, Design and Development iii. Materials Science and Engineering iv. Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes. A significant part of the activities of the School refers to the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and training courses/seminars on environmental issues as well as to the development of basic and applied research and know-how on environmental applications. Indicatively: Development of programs for the integrated management of wastewater, Design, application and optimization of lab-scale and pilot-scale systems (state-of-the-art technology) for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, IPPC issues (Best Available Techniques for the integrated pollution prevention and control), inventory programs concerning the production of waste, measurements and chemical analyses for the characterization of wastewater and solid waste, development of schemes/systems for the integrated management of waste at local and national level (strategic planning), development of software tools for site allocation of waste management facilities as well as for the estimation of the quantities and environmental impacts from the generation of waste, Environmental impact assessment studies, Integrated Product Policy, Life-Cycle analysis, eco-design and end-of-life management of various products, Air Pollution prevention and control, Energy Engineering (Energy conservation, Renewable energy systems etc.), Process Design of environmental systems, Simulation of environmental and chemical systems etc.

Culligan Hellas S.A.

For more than 70 years, Culligan has earned a world-wide reputation as one of the leading international companies in the water treatment sector.

Culligan International, one of the longest-established, best known companies in the water treatment sector, covers the entire range of possible water treatments, by developing specific, original technologies for many applications. Over the years, the Culligan water treatment technologies have become synonymous with quality water.

Since its foundation, Culligan has always been committed uniquely to water. More than seventy years of success and progress in this single, limited but immense sector fully entitle Culligan to describe itself as “the water experts”. From the water supply sector to specific water treatments for the most diverse industrial processes, from food products and soft drinks to pharmaceuticals and medicine, from swimming pool water filtration to fish farming, Culligan has a suitable product or application that ensures superior water treatment.

In Greece it all started in 1963, with the foundation of Culligan Hellas.

Over all this time, more and more customers have come to trust the Culligan Brand since just as in all the rest of the world, also in Greece, Culligan ensures nothing but the best water quality.

Culligan Hellas’ customers include Industrial Companies, Hotels, Municipalities and Communities, Construction Companies, Hospitals, Public Sector Utilities such as the Public Power Corporation and the National Telecommunications Organization as well as companies abroad.

The company’s areas of activity include:

• Water softening systems
• Deionization
• Filtration
• OFSY filtration system
• Reverse Osmosis Desalinations systems
• Water treatment applications for Artificial Kidney Units
• Waste water treatment
• Feeders, Control instruments, chemicals, consumable goods